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Follow-up sessions help us determine client progress.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Fee: $200-$250

Follow Up Evaluations are essential in any treatment process as it allows professionals to determine clients’ progress and how effective therapy and medication are for their clients. Should it be needed, professionals may also adjust or change clients’ medication to ensure that they fit their current needs. Clients may also be advised on what to do if they face situations or obstacles that may affect their progress. Apart from these, professionals also review clients’ support networks. These may also be determinants if clients are receiving appropriate support, having positive social interactions, and living in good conditions. This is important because a healthy support network and stable environment contribute to clients’ successful improvement.

Extended Follow-Up Appointments (45mins) – $185

If you want more time with our provider to allow for further discussion and longer treatments, you can avail of our extended follow-up appointment.

The extended follow-up appointment is for sessions that need more time for further discussion of complicated issues and treatments. It will include the same assessment and review as a standard follow-up but with added time.

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