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We provide customized services for each of our clients.

Before individuals receive treatment, they should first understand the nature of their condition. This may be done with the assistance of a licensed behavioral health provider like Fresh Start Behavioral Health. With us, clients will first undergo an evaluation of their issues and how they affect their lives. The result of which will lead us to a diagnosis, which will then be used as a basis for creating personalized treatment plans for each client.

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Initial Psychiatric Evaluation (60mins) โ€“ $350
Follow-Up Appointments (30mins) โ€“ $175
Extended Follow-Up Appointments (45mins) โ€“ $185

What Is Telepsychiatry/Telemedicine?

Consent for Telehealth Consultation

*We also offer telehealth services. If you are interested in availing of our services, please fill out this form.

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