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Hello, my name is Mohamed Bah MSN, PMHNP-BC, I received my bachelor’s at Central Methodist University in Missouri and went on to complete my graduate degree at Walden University as a psychiatric nurse practitioner board-certified. I served as a transplant ICU nurse for five years before returning back to the mental health setting. I have 14 years of experience in acute and outpatient settings. Following that, I continue to advance my training in addiction and promoting Holistic Clinical Practice.

I have extensive experience in treating patients with various mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, addiction problems, sleep disorders, and eating disorders among others. After obtaining a patient history, examining the patient, and obtaining the right diagnosis, I will use evidence-based practice to prescribe the appropriate medications and /or therapy to treat the patient. My focus is based on providing holistic, evidence-based care centered on social, cultural, and preventive aspects of mental health. I continue to serve as a clinical lecturer for students at Walden University. I also continue to be a mentor my junior or new graduates as they start their journey in practice. I have worked in urban and rural settings; during those years of practice, I have developed my skill and expertise in teaching and guiding my patient with the best, evidence-based, and holistic approach. I would be honored to work with any patient with mental health challenges, ranging from 12 to 65. I believe in EMDR therapy, effective psychotherapy, and possible medication management.